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  Tk_RiceZ 21:32 05 Dec 03

hey there, i'm doing a computer selling company using excel using combo boxes and vlookup's and if's formula.IT's my college project...

anyway what i'm stuck on is.......i have a total for the pc in c25 without labour, i've put a labour charge column, but what i want to do is....
If a computer costs 455 in c25, then i want it to add the total in c25 PLUS 20% charged for the labour, and the new total into c26. ANY HELP WILL BE GRATeFUL

  lindyloo4 22:01 05 Dec 03

The formula you want in c26 is c25*(1+20%). That should work.

  Tk_RiceZ 22:18 05 Dec 03

sorry that don't work, just comes up as £1.20, it don't change as c25 changes, anymore help?

  VoG II 22:26 05 Dec 03

In C26


If that and lindyloo4's suggestion do not work then, sorry, but you are not explaining the problem correctly.

  Tk_RiceZ 22:33 05 Dec 03

right.....let me start again then. i have groups like $400-£500,501-600, ect, at 400-500, i charge 20% of the total in c25 on top of the total for the parts. but at 501-600, i charge them at a different rate such as 18% for labour. so what i want to do is whatever number typed into c25, i have that figure and ADD the percentage on in c26, hope thats better. Labour Charge
1 £400-£599 20.00%
2 £600-£799 15.00%
3 £800-£999 12.00%
4 £1000-£1299 10.00%
5 £1300-£1599 8.00%
6 £1600-£1999 7.00%
7 £2000-£2499 6.00%
8 £2500+ 5.00%
theres my charge plans

  lindyloo4 22:34 05 Dec 03

Sorry, it comes up as 546 when I do it. You are typing c25* first before (1+20%). You need a excel expert and I'm afraid I'm not one.

Good Luck

  VoG II 22:42 05 Dec 03

=IF(A1>=2500,A1*1.05,IF(A1>2000,A1*1.06,IF(A1>1600,A1*1.07,IF(A1>1300,A1*1.08,IF(A1>1000,A1*1.1,IF(A1>800,A1*1.12,IF(A1>600,A1*1.15, A1*1.2)))))))

Copy and paste:


This will work out your percentage from c25. Add the result to C25 to get your total charge.

Hope it helps.

  VoG II 23:04 05 Dec 03

Well, either silasgreenback's or mine would have worked - we approached it from different ends, as it were.

So nice of you to tell us that (which one?) worked.

  Tk_RiceZ 01:18 06 Dec 03

both of them worked, thanks guys

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