Excel graph - maximum number of entries?

  compumac 06 May 12

I have been using Excel for many years and have not come across this particular situationbefore. I have a graph plotting an every day reading and have discovered that the graph is only accepting 200 points along its access. Most of the graphs that I have produced in the past have not had that many entries and I am wondering if I am missing something?

  Woolwell 06 May 12

I thought that the number was in the region of 250,000 but could be wrong. Which version of Excel, which axis of the chart and what type of chart?

  compumac 06 May 12

Woolwell Excel 2007. Bar chart. Horizontal axis.


  compumac 06 May 12

Found out my problem!!!! Slapped my own wrist.

The graph is based on sheet 2 of my workbook. I had a problem with the data on sheet 2, so I copied it over to sheet 3. I have been inserting further data to sheet 3 without looking at the graph (on another sheet). and discontinued data entry into sheet 2!!!!!!

Simple is it not? My age - no other excuse.

  Woolwell 06 May 12

Just a thought - what have you got set as the interval of tick points?

I've just tried a spreadsheet with 250 entries and it made a bar chart ok - almost impossible to read well but it made it. For every day readings I think I would choose a line chart.

  Woolwell 06 May 12

Posted before your post. Don't worry I've done something similar with a mail merge and wondered why half the entries were missing until I realised I was using the wrong sheet.

  compumac 06 May 12

Woolwell Easy is it not? Was your excuse the same as mine - declining years?

  Woolwell 06 May 12

Absent minded - combined with increasing age!

  compumac 06 May 12

Initially I just sat here looking at the graph and my mind went blank. Many years ago I was called into a well know bakery company who were using SuperCalc 4 and introduce Excel into their system. I produced graphs that had to reflect daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual production figures with entries that vastly exceeded the 200 that I was speaking of and as I say my mind went blank tonight.

  Woolwell 06 May 12

I too know that blank feeling. Usually when I've done something stupid. However I'm still trying to work out why one laptop (and only that one) will not go into clone desktop with one projector. I suspect it's me.


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