Excel functions

  Newuser3477 19 Sep 12

Please can someone remind me how to count the number of times a name or word appears in a spreadsheet column thanks Peter

  scotty 19 Sep 12

COUNTIF should do it if it is a specific word you are looking for.

  Newuser3477 19 Sep 12

Thanks I didn't make myself clear. It is the syntax which is defeating me. Could you give the syntax for the word chicken in column h and lines 3 to 20. Thanks

  Woolwell 19 Sep 12

Which version of Excel are you using? if you click on the fx at the top of the spreadsheet and find countif it will tell you the syntax.

For your purposes you need =COUNTIF(H3:H20,"chicken")

  FRANKMAC 20 Sep 12


I can see your question has been answered. what i was going to suggest was downloading an Excel spreadsheet from a guy named Peter Noneley i have used this sheet thousands of times, it not explains the functions, but gives working examples too. however i have just been to his site and the download is not working for some reason. this is the link below, maybe it would work for you.


if it doesnt work, then i would be more than happy to email to you.



  Picklefactory 21 Sep 12


I've used that for years too, and agree fully, it's a mine of useful info.

Try this link Click Here

  Woolwell 21 Sep 12

I assume that with no replies that the OP has fixed the problem.

  FRANKMAC 21 Sep 12


Hi, just been to you link and its working fine, This is also an updated version to mine, so i have downloaded that too, Many Thanks.



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