Excel Formulas

  ukhomerj2003 19:41 13 Mar 06

I am havng problems trying to copy formulas in Excel.

If i have a column of figures in Row A and B, and want to add them together in Row C, by using =A1+B1 it returns the correct value in C1.
If I copy C1 and paste to the rest of the C column, it returns the same value all the way down the column as in C1, not adding A and B together. If i try and drag the formula down using the bottom right hand handle in C1, it does the same thing.

Any suggestions?

  TonyV 19:56 13 Mar 06

Does it do the same thing if you make the Formula =SUM(A1:B1) and copy or drag it in the same way?


  Zak 19:58 13 Mar 06

Select Tools, Options and Calculation Tab. Ensure Automatic is selected.

  Zak 20:16 13 Mar 06

Also check Edit Tab has Drag & Drop selected.

  ukhomerj2003 20:27 13 Mar 06


It was set to manual not automatic on the calculations tab


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