Excel formula question

  hastelloy 12:52 09 Nov 07

I have a series of sheets, which follow on from one another. In the 1st sheet N39=N37-N38 and N40=N38-N37. Obviously 1 of these will always be positive and the other negative unless both = 0.

The question is, how do I make Sheet2 E9=Sheet1 N39 if N39 is positive but otherwise 0 and sheet 2 E10 = sheet 1 N40 if N40 is positive but otherwise 0.

Thanks for any help - I've been playing with this for hours and am either missing something very simple or its way over my head (probably the latter).

  PalaeoBill 13:04 09 Nov 07

make Sheet2 E9=IF(sheet1!n39>0,sheet1!n39,0)
Sheet2 E10=IF(sheet1!n40>0,sheet1!n40,0)

  Taff™ 13:06 09 Nov 07

Something Like =IF(Sheet1!N40>0,Sheet1!N40,"0") in Cell E10 and =IF(Sheet1!N39>0,Sheet1!N39,"0") in E9 I think.

  PalaeoBill 13:07 09 Nov 07

You may also wish to investigate the absolute function ABS(). ABS(N37-N38) will give you the difference between the two values, stripping any negative sign.

  silverous 17:18 09 Nov 07

you could also do =MAX(Sheet1!N40,0) I believe.

  hastelloy 17:51 09 Nov 07

It seems that the problem isn't quite what I thought it was!! In asking my question, I called the sheets 1 and 2 for simplicity and when they are called this it works. Unfortunately, I need them to be "Week 59-53 (07)" for sheet 1 and "Week 01-04 (08)" for sheet 2 etc. If I use the original (ie sheet1, 2 etc) names for sheets it works fine and seems to carry on working if I rename the sheets. Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work if the sheets start off being named as I want them. I haven't had time to really check this out but will have another go on Monday

  VoG II 17:55 09 Nov 07

You need to wrap the sheet names in single quotes like

'Week 59-53 (07'!N40

  hastelloy 18:11 09 Nov 07

I'll give that a try on Monday.

Have a good weekend.

  hastelloy 15:46 13 Nov 07

The formulae given above and Vog's single quotes solved the problems. Thanks again to all.

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