Excel formula help required

  wrg 11:26 23 Jun 09

Morning all

I have the following in a spreadsheet.


£ Y/N £

1657 y 1657 FALSE

The formula returning false is =IF(N13="n",M13)
How can I incorporate that if column N has a Y then the value returned is 0 (Zero)



  mgmcc 11:51 23 Jun 09

Doesn't adding the "0" to your IF statement do what you require?


If the value in cell N13 is "n", then the content of cell M13 is displayed, otherwise the value displayed is zero.

...or am I missing something more complex?

  wrg 11:54 23 Jun 09


Thank you very much. I was adding "else,0" and it was not returning the value. I am not very good at these types of statement and I find excel help confusing but knew someone here would know the answer. Once again thank you very much.

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