excel formula help please!

  lapnutty 11:49 14 Apr 07


i'm in the middle of a psread sheet and i'm stuck with a formula!
the spreadsheet is to give points based on their relation to a winning time in a competition
winners time 2min converted to 120 seconds successfully with [m] so 120 gets 10000 points however i'm having difficulty with the remianing times
eg 130 seconds should have 9231 120/130*10000
145 8276 120/145*1000

when i try to auto fill the formula it all goes wrong and caclutates from the cell above not the original cell!

how do i get it right?


  VoG II 11:53 14 Apr 07

I don't understand what you are trying to do but I think that you need to use an absolute reference for your 'original' cell. For example


instead of


  lapnutty 11:59 14 Apr 07


thank you.

i've found the formula but i'm not sure how it's worked!

  VoG II 12:20 14 Apr 07

This will give you the same results


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