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  Roland Butter 19:59 27 Jun 03

can anyone tell me the formula for calculating the number of days (including sats & suns) between two different dates?

  seedie 20:05 27 Jun 03

Dates are stored as a number. Therefore the diff must be the larger less the smaller.


  Roland Butter 20:11 27 Jun 03

Thanks seedie, I was thinking in terms of calculators. eg the calculator for sum of the difference between two dates NOT including the weekends is "=NETWOKDAYS().
I am looking for the equivalent calulator that includes the sats & suns.

  hellred 20:29 27 Jun 03


  hellred 20:31 27 Jun 03

Start Date End Date Work Days
01-Mar-98 07-Mar-98 #NAME? =NETWORKDAYS(C4,D4)
25-Apr-98 30-Jul-98 #NAME? =NETWORKDAYS(C5,D5)
24-Dec-98 05-Jan-99 #NAME? =NETWORKDAYS(C6,D6)

What Does It Do?
This function will calculate the number of working days between two dates.
It will exclude weekends and any holidays.

Holidays : This is a list of dates which will be excluded from the calculation, such as Xmas
and Bank holidays.

  Roland Butter 21:34 27 Jun 03

Thanks hellred. I have that one. I need the calc that includes the weekends & hols.

  VoG II 21:37 27 Jun 03

You just need


and make sure that you format the answer cell as Date.

  Roland Butter 22:03 27 Jun 03

Thanks VoG. You are right, it does just need simple operators. The display cell cannot be a date format though - gen. or numbers will work.

  VoG II 22:15 27 Jun 03

Yep; until you arrive at an answer that is greater than 24h. in which case it will go pear shaped. In which case custom format the cell as


  GlasgowMary 22:44 28 Jun 03

You can use the datedif formula. You need to put the years, months and days in different cells:

syntax: =datedif(startdatecell,enddatecell,"y")

Eg =datedif(A4,A5,"y")

Years = "y" - as above
Months = "ym" - datedif(A4,A5,"ym")
Days = "yd" - datedif(A4,A5,"yd")

I got this formula, years ago, from the PC Advisor mag Help section. Apparently it wasn't documented by Microsoft.

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