Excel Formula

  chrischambers 21:58 13 Aug 06

Excel formula again.

If I have say

12:00 in column e
11:50 in column f

How can I calculate this to show a ten min difference as opposed to 23:50


  mammak 22:06 13 Aug 06

with any luck Vogtm will be here shortly good luck.

ps. as excel do's my head in sorry

  A p o l l o 22:13 13 Aug 06

Vog's answer to a previous question should help
click here

  Totally-braindead 23:03 13 Aug 06

Not trying to be funny or offensive in any way but have you considered getting a book on Excel. The library has a few copies so you don't have to buy one. I did notice one of my local bookshops, can't remember the name of it but its one of the cheap stores not Waterstons etc, is selling PC books very cheap and one of them was for Excel. Did actually consider buying it as its one of the excellent Dummies books which normally retails at about £15. Amazon are selling it for a tenner click here but the bookshop I am refering to are only asking about £4.
Well worth it if you use Excel a bit and they have a few other books as well.

Sorry I can't remember the stores name, if I do recall it I'll post back.

  Taff™ 23:19 13 Aug 06

VoG™ recommended this several times and it is good if you know what to look for! click here

There`s dozens of online tips & tutorials for Excel - I suspect I`ve got most of these from VoG™ anyway!

click here

click here

click here

  Simsy 23:27 13 Aug 06

How are you getting 23:50? Are you adding them instead of subtracting them?

More specifically, do you just want the difference between the times, regardless of which is the earlier, (the first given or last given?). We might need to accomodate a "negative" difference, which Excel can't display...

And are they times as opposed to durations, (e.g. 12 O'clock rather than 12 hours)? It can make a difference to the needed formatting. To make it slightly clearer... there is no such time as 25 o'clock, but there is a duration of 25 hours.

Post back withthe answers to these if you need more assistance.



  daba 01:31 14 Aug 06

read all of the post and all of the the answers - but there isn't enough info in your data - if i gave you those times how would you know whether the 11:50 was BEFORE the 12:00 or AFTER.

you do actually need to know the date of those times to calculate if it is a either just 10 minute difference or nearly a day.

i suggest you include some actual date data, then excel will easily calculate the difference

  VoG II 06:56 14 Aug 06


  VoG II 07:24 14 Aug 06

Or even, bearing in mind your previous question click here

=IF(E1>F1, E1-F1, F1-E1)

  chrischambers 12:29 14 Aug 06

Thanks Guys all the help is appreciated.

  Totally-braindead 19:44 14 Aug 06

If its any help I've remebered the name of the shop selling the computer books, its called The Works. Don't know if you have one near where you live but its worth a look.

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