Excel formula

  Sealer 21:46 10 Nov 05

Hi, Can you help?
I want to hide any negative numbers(sums) in my spreadsheet, but when they become positive display the results. I think i need the if formula but i cant suss it out. Iknow one of you brainy lot can help ;-}

  tammer 22:08 10 Nov 05

I'm no expert but here's a quick tip -

In a recent version of Excel, do format cells, number, custom and from the drop down, select the format that has negative numbers in red. Simply change the "red" to "white" and the -ve numbers are hidden (sort of).

You could use IF to refer to the numbers (which could be in a hidden column) and have, for example, =IF(G11<0,"",G11)in a new column to display the p+ve numbers only - which would do the trick.

Hope that makes sense. No doubt some genius out there will have a better method though!

  Sealer 22:10 10 Nov 05

=IF(Sum<=0,"",Sum) I may be slow but, I do often get there. Thanks anyway

  Sealer 22:11 10 Nov 05

Thanks already got there.

  Simsy 22:45 10 Nov 05

would probably be to use conditional formatting...

from the format menu...

give it a go, for what you want it's perfect... and quite intuitive!

Obviously what you have come to does work, but in other situations, depending on what other calculations are involved, may give rise to calculation errors.

It depends on whether you want the ANSWER to be different, (i.e. blank), or what you want DISPLAYED to be different, (i.e. invisible).



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