Excel DCOUNT problem

  Neill 10:41 AM 23 Dec 08

To help me collate my student's marking and passes I use DCOUNT to see if a date is after 1/1/08 and a number is greater than or equal to 24 which then returns a count if both criteria are satisfied.
where AB4:AD50 is the data
AD4 is the heading label - Mark
AB58:AD59 the criteria >=01/01/08 >=24
Now this WORKS for 5 of the 7 modules the students take but doesn't work for two of the data ranges. This is driving me mad!! Why does it work perfectly elsewhere but not two columns? I've used Format Painter, redone the formula till I'm blue in the face without any luck.
Does anyone like an Excel problem to solve over Christmas? I can email the spreradsheet if you like!


  nosharpe 15:41 PM 23 Dec 08

Are you using Dcount for a non-numeric cell

  Neill 16:10 PM 23 Dec 08

I have formatted the data, copied the formulas so the columns are identical (even the Trace Precedents looks identical) but still it refuses to work. So I have now resorted to copying the data from the columns that don't work into a column that does work and it works if you see what I mean.

I hate not knowing why though. Thanks for your help.


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