Excel Data Sorting (quick Question)

  Fr0z3n 01:13 15 Jun 04

i have a column of data that describes an event i.e. official and practice. How can i create a drop down box at the top of a column that sorts the data (the WHOLE row of data) whenver i select either official or practice from the drop down. This is sort of similar to filtering the data. However, i need the drop down to always be present on the sheet.

  Gongoozler 07:20 15 Jun 04

Hi Fr0z3n. I'm not an Excel expert, but I do this sort of job with a macro and a button.

  Shas 09:28 15 Jun 04

Not an Excel expert either, but couldn't you do this with a combination of Autofilter and Sort from the Data menu?

  Fr0z3n 15:33 15 Jun 04

thanks for reeplys, ill give em a try...

  Fr0z3n 03:02 21 Jun 04

i need to keep all the data there eacvh time. For instance, when i slect "practice" i only see practice and adjacent rows of data relating to "practice". I can select "official" and then the same happens but for official games.

  Shas 08:55 21 Jun 04

In Data > Sort, select either ascending or descending to decide which type of result you want at the top of the list, then from the drop down box select All. You should then see all your data, but all the 'practice' should be together as should all the 'official'.

  Fr0z3n 09:59 21 Jun 04

i need a drop dopwn box that is alwasy on the sheet to be somehow displayed. i seen it on other spreadsheets, however i think a bit or VBA code may be needed, i dno. You can symply use select the criteria to sort the column of data from on the fly. ill try to find a example of some sort.

I think i worded the question badly, sorry for that.

  Fr0z3n 16:21 10 Oct 04

i still cant figure this out. I need a control (drop down combo box) at the top of a column that sorts the data in that column of data.
E.g. i select A from the drop down box and all "A's" in that column are displayed, and the rest of the data is hidden. The same would happen if i slected "B" and so on.

  VoG II 16:57 10 Oct 04

I don't understand why an ordinary filter won't work. I must be missing something...

  k1n 17:15 10 Oct 04

i need the drop down to actually be on the spread sheet, always.
I.e. not for a user to select data>filter etc...

  VoG II 17:19 10 Oct 04

If you set up a filter, the filter button(s) are always on the sheet until you turn the filter off.

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