Excel data import problem

  Giant68 10:59 21 Dec 06

I am trying to import data to an excel spreadsheet from a csv file. It consists of a product code, amount used etc. All appears ok apart from the product code. This is in the format of 1234xxx, but when imported into the cells of the first column the numbers show but not the text. The cells are all formatted as general, although I have tried other formats for the cells. If I open the csv file in wordpad the numbers and the text show so the csv file must have been created properly so I assume that the problem must be in excel. Any ideas?


  I am Spartacus 11:35 21 Dec 06

Does the text show in the next cell? When you look at it in Wordpad are the commas in the right place?

  keef66 11:49 21 Dec 06

are you copying and pasting the values or importing them automatically? If copy / paste, try copy / edit / paste special and select values only.

  Giant68 11:56 21 Dec 06

Thanks for the replies.
The text part of the data does not appear at all, the next cell contains the next set of data as it should.
The import is automatic as opposed to copy/paste.


  I am Spartacus 12:05 21 Dec 06

Is the separator actually a comma? Sounds daft but I have some files that are saved in csv format from the original application but they use a semi-colon. I have to change the file extension to txt and use the text import wizard to import them.

  Giant68 13:49 21 Dec 06

I am Spartacus

Good point, I'll double check.


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