exdragon 07:39 14 Mar 07

Morning - I'm sure there's an easy way to do this...

I've got 2 worksheets in the same workbook. The first is list of addresses with their respective countries (there will be about 3000 addresses from 40-odd countries). Countries are in col. L1

On the second sheet, I want to show (as a percentage) the number of entries received from each country, 2007 against 2006, as I enter the information on sheet 1.

If I use =COUNTIF(L1:L1000,"Australia") I get the right answer, but how do I get the remaining countries? Whatever I do, I seem to get Australia's figure. Surely I don't have to type in each country in turn?

  exdragon 09:03 14 Mar 07

I can use pivot table to give a list, but it doesn't update as new entries are added to the source column

  exdragon 09:15 14 Mar 07


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