Excel copy format

  Terry Brown 15:01 07 Feb 11

I have a large spreadsheet, and I want to split it up to varios pages- no problem

The problems start as the pages are formatted- different widths,heights etc (no graphs).

When I copy a section and try to paste it to a new page or a new spreadsheet, the data copies OK, but the formats do not.

I have tries varios paste specials and none of them seem to work to what I want.

Any suggestions


  VoG II 15:27 07 Feb 11

Try pasting then click in the area you copied from, click the Format Painter (paintbrush icon) then select your pasted area.

  scotty 16:24 07 Feb 11

I tried VoG's suggestion and some formats copied but column widths did not. (I use an older version of Excel so that could be an issue).

You could just copy the whole spreadsheet to a new worksheet and delete the rows and columns which are not required. Might be tedious if you are splitting into many pages.

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