Excel Christmas Greetings

  Graham. 08:57 22 Dec 08

How do they do that click here?

It has music and dancing reindeer!

  MAJ 09:13 22 Dec 08

I know, Graham., it's amazing they don't fall.

  VoG II 09:13 22 Dec 08

Impossible to tell from a screenshot but it is probably an embedded flash object or similar.

  anchor 09:16 22 Dec 08

I recall seeing the singing reindeer last year. What is the URL of the original site?.

  Graham. 09:17 22 Dec 08

Thanks. If I try to add something in another cell, it stops working.

  Graham. 09:19 22 Dec 08

Dunno, it was emailed to me.

VoG™ - I could email it to you if you wish.

  Al94 09:21 22 Dec 08

click here for original

  Graham. 09:38 22 Dec 08

Thanks for that. I just emailed it to myself, but all I got was the URL.

  Sea Urchin 09:42 22 Dec 08

I think this is what you're looking for

click here

  VoG II 10:22 22 Dec 08

It is probably dome in the same way as click here

  Graham. 10:45 22 Dec 08

Here it is click here

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