Excel cells not displaying full contents

  morters 14:26 20 Oct 12

I am in the process of producing a catalogue of some 450 antiquarian books as an Excel (2007) spreadsheet. I am using 7 columns (author, title, printer/year of publication, edition number, etc). Some entries are no more than one line but others go to 6 or more lines. As I was reviewing it today, I realised that some of the cells are not displaying all the lines entered. I can readily correct these manually simply by dragging the lower cell edge down until everything is displayed. But this is quite a laborious task and there is always the danger I will miss some cells that are partially obscuring lines. Is there any way of doing this automatically?

  TonyV 14:59 20 Oct 12


I haven't got Excel 2007 on this machine, and my laptop is having its battery sorted, but from memory I think you need to look at "Wrap" which should automatically wrap the text with in the cell width. Check it out through Formatting.



  morters 15:07 20 Oct 12

Thanks, TonyV, but as far as I can the cells already are set to wrap.

  Woolwell 15:14 20 Oct 12

Try clicking top left corner of the spreadsheet which selects all of the cells or ctrl-a then on the home tab - cells - format - dropdown -choose autofit row height.

  TonyV 15:38 20 Oct 12


Alternatively, following on from Woolwell's response, select all the worksheet, and then go into the Alignment Dialog Box Launcher and select the Wrap text box. This should then allow all cells to wrap where necessary, which in effect means those that do not require wrapping will not be!

The notes here have come from "The Brilliant Office 2007" hand book.


  morters 15:50 20 Oct 12

Thanks TonyV and Woolwell - had to pop out for ciggies hence delay responding.

I'm going to make a copy of my work (it represnts many, many hours work) beforre attempting either solution.

  Woolwell 15:52 20 Oct 12

I hope that you do backups.

Undo will put it back as before very quickly.

  morters 15:53 20 Oct 12

Bingo, Woolwell, seems to have worked a treat! TonyV, your suggestion would ensure everything is wrapped. I'll use both for belt and braces job, thank you both!

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