Excel Cell reference in a cell

  Craig.m 11:44 01 Aug 06

I have a sheet that needs updating each week from a calendar laid out sheet. All I have to do is change the column reference but in the list of items there are some that have to be uniqely modified, so changing the first cell and then dragging it down works fine except for the items that have unique tweaks.

The basic formula is: COUNTBLANK(Sheet1!D3:AI3)and then it is incemented down the list by dragging. Various entries then need adjustment.

What I was wondering is if I can put the reference to the end of the range (A13 in this case) in a cell and then refer to that as the final element of the range. All I would then have to do is change the content in the referred to cell and it would roll down the whole list therefore keeping in the unique bits and pieces in a rather long list.

I am on XP using Office 2003 and have experimented to see if I can get the formula to use the contents of a cell as the final element to the range.

Is this possible, I would have thought it easy but just can't find out how to do it.


  silverous 12:39 01 Aug 06

Look up INDIRECT - that might help you?

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