Excel calculation - how?

  sobeitjedi 20:24 13 Mar 06


I have two columns of numbers similar to that below in Excel.

1 -6
2 -5
3 -3
4 -1
5 1
6 4
7 7
8 9

I need to know a formula that will display the value in column A, when the value in column B turns to a positive (in this example, 5).

Any ideas?

  Koing 22:01 13 Mar 06

The value of what in column A?

I see that your 5th row is positive so what value appears in column A?


  Simsy 22:48 13 Mar 06

the numbers in the first column always be the same?

Will the numbers in the second column always be Ascending?

Will the numbers in the second column always begin with a negative number at the top?



  johnnyrocker 23:37 13 Mar 06

i seem to recall from my ecdl training that the 'if' function would appear to meet your needs?


  johnnyrocker 23:37 13 Mar 06

and the solution was?


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