ponytail 28 Apr 12

I use excel to keep a running account of my bank acount which I print off on a regular basis but I keep getting the following pop up message and wondered what it meant. I click on the = key and then the cell I am going to deduct a amount from then I click on the - key and then the cell with the amount I am going to deduct and finally I click on the tick sign which then gives the new total.The pop up message is a small orange coloured square with a diamond shape inside with a ! sign inside that does anyone know what this means

  Taff™ 28 Apr 12

If you click on it does it show a message. Something like "formatting is not the same as adjacent cells"? It's an information icon I think but feed us some more info.

  GroupFC 28 Apr 12

I think it is the information icon, as well. If you click on it you will see a number of options such as "Formula omits adjacent cells", "Update formula to include cells", "Help on this error" "ignore error" etc.

If you are happy that the spreadsheet is working as it should then just click "ignore error" and it will go away.

If anyone can tell me how to turn this feature off, I'd be very grateful as it annoys the hell out of me!

  VoG II 28 Apr 12

In Excel 2010, File tab, Options, Formulas, Error checking rules. Untick those you don't want.

  Taff™ 28 Apr 12

To turn it off in Excel 2007 go to the Office button and at the bottom click Excel Options. On the formulas tab there are all the error checking options and specific rules you can turn off. Click away to your hearts content!

  ponytail 28 Apr 12

Hi Guy's am on excel now but cannot see the office button or the file button.

  Taff™ 28 Apr 12

Hi VoG™ - Long time ....

Which version of Excel are you using ponytail? The Office Button is the icon very top left in 2007 & 2010

  ponytail 28 Apr 12

I have office 2007

  ponytail 28 Apr 12

Thanks taff have found it but still not sure which one to untick it must be one of the ones which comes under eror checking rules but which one dont want to untick the wrong one.

  VoG II 28 Apr 12

Hi Taff™

It is the multi-coloured button, top left of the screen.

  Taff™ 28 Apr 12

What does the information icon on the spreadsheet actually say?


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