ponytail 08:16 AM 17 Mar 12

It may sound silly but I seem to have forgotten how to increase the size of the cells in Excel.I know how to make them wider by dragging the vertical lines across but how do I make them deeper you cant drag the horizontal lines down or can you.

  markd71 08:28 AM 17 Mar 12

Sure you can !

  ponytail 08:30 AM 17 Mar 12

I have tried so what am I doing wrong

  BRYNIT 08:34 AM 17 Mar 12

Change column width and row height instructions click here

  exdragon 08:35 AM 17 Mar 12

Click in the column to the left of column A, the one which has the numbers in, rather than just clicking the bottom border of an actual cell. You can then drag down to the size you want.

  ponytail 08:38 AM 17 Mar 12

Thank's guys all sorted I have done it lot's of times must have been a mental block


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