Molly_Don 20 Apr 11

I've started a job that requires me to use excel spreedsheets, which I'm not familiar with yet.

On my desktop, I have several spreedsheets which contain default information.

Each day I have to enter information then save the file to a folder > right click on the file > copy > paste.

When I've pasted the amended file, I go back to the orignal on my desktop and delete the information in each cell, so the file is ready for the next day.

Is there a quicker way to set the default file, should I be using > right click > cut > paste instead of deleting the new information?

  canarieslover 20 Apr 11

Click 'File', 'Save As', and give it another name. That will save your work to the new file name and you will still have your original as it was.

  BT 21 Apr 11

As long as your default information doesn't include number data you can use this method which will clear all the numeric data, after you have saved it as detailed by canarieslover

*Press F5 to display the "Go To" box. Select the "Special" button. Choose the "Constants" button and remove the ticks from the Text, Logicals, and Error boxes. "Numbers" should be the ONLY box ticked. When you click "OK", every numeric cell across the spreadsheet will be selected. Now manually press "Delete" to delete the values. If you have text in the spreadsheet aswell, you would just de-select the "Numbers" option and select the "Text" option*

  wee eddie 21 Apr 11

I would go with Canarieslover's solution. The main consideration is the Naming of the saved File, for which I have a suggestion.

If the main Spread Sheet is called, for example, "Group Sales-Daily" I would rename your File "Group Sales-2011.04.21" or something similar. If you use the 'Year.Month.Day' format. When they get to the other end, all the Spreadsheets file themselves in date order throughout the year.

  Molly_Don 23 Apr 11

Thanks for the advice, I'll give the suggestions a go.


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