Excel 2010 Print Entire workbook problem

  Jento 10 Jan 12

Hi All,

I have been searching for ages on this and tried multiple things, however I still haven't got any closer on this issue.

I am looking to print a 57 sheet excel workbook. However when I print the entire workbook, the sheets come off in all different orders to the original order on the workbook.

I am not the original owner of the workbook so I am not sure how it was created and no one can give me a sufficient answer to that question, but I am assuming it was collated from different sheets in different workbooks to create the one I am now on.

Is there anyway to stop this from occuring as it is a pain when you print this kind of thing off and need to re-arrange it all when you get it.

Any help would be appreciated.


  TonyV 10 Jan 12


I have no doubt you have tried various Google searches, but I came upon this one, may be it will help! PrintComplete Workbook


  Woolwell 10 Jan 12

This can happen if some of the pages overlap the edges eg it is set up for landscape and you print in portrait. Have a look at print preview and the print boundaries should also be shown on the worksheet.

  Jento 10 Jan 12

Hi guys,

Thanks for replying.

TonyV I have seen all these kind of things and they're pretty generic but thank you. :)

Woolwell, I have all the sheets set in landscape and they also print in landscape.

I am not sure what you mean by print boundaries, is this the pritn area? If so I have removed all these and still the same happens.


  Woolwell 10 Jan 12

It was actually page breaks that I was thinking of Page breaks. If the page breaks are set an awkward place you can get what appears to be odd print orders.

  Jento 11 Jan 12

Thank you for your help Woolwell!

Seems to of got me sorted!


  Jento 11 Jan 12

Tell a lie :(

It has sorted some of it out.

However I have noticed when i send the job to print there is like 4 job qued for 1 job in the print que.

I think this is causing the job to print from different areas in the workbook.

Any ideas how to get this to be 1 job in the print que?


  Woolwell 11 Jan 12

Are you selecting to print the entire workbook? Must admit that this one has me puzzled. Have you had a look at your print preferences and printer driver?

  Jento 11 Jan 12

Its network printing that is used, all the printers are on a domain controller.

I'll have a look at my preferences.


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