Excel 2003 sort/select problem

  johnincrete 17:30 05 Nov 10

I have a spreadsheet which has a name in Column A headed "Fullname", a column header "Amt" which contains a monthy payment amount and then 9 columns headed "Sept,Oct,Nov etc These month columns contain a "Y" when the amount is paid.
I want to identify people whose payment is overdue. Thus, we are in November so I want to list those who have not paid in September or October. (Anyone who has paid Oct MUST have already paid Sep) Next month it will be those who have not paid in either Sep Oct or Nov and so on.
Can I do it in Excel?

  VoG II 18:01 05 Nov 10

Try in L2, copied down

=IF(COUNTIF(C2:K2,"Y")<MATCH(TEXT(TODAY(),"mmm"),C$1:K$1,0)-1,"Overdue","Paid up")

  johnincrete 04:19 06 Nov 10

As ever, you come to the rescue!
Are formulas such as these documented somewhere?

  VoG II 07:54 06 Nov 10

"Are formulas such as these documented somewhere?"

No, that is a one-off o:)

  Noldi 08:27 06 Nov 10

click here

This gives you a list of Functions.
Gives you an idea of what can be achived.


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