Les 01:07 08 Feb 04

Dues anyone know if it is at all possible to obtain a copy of Excel 2000 - I have Windows SE98 and I believe that 2000 is the last version to run under that OS.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 01:10 08 Feb 04
  Megatyte 02:32 08 Feb 04

All versions of Office will run on 98. Windows XP is not required to run Office XP.


  VoG II 09:15 08 Feb 04

Office XP will run on W98.

Office 2003 requires W2K SP3 or WXP.

  Megatyte 12:05 08 Feb 04

Thank you VoG. I did intend to put "All versions of Office to XP..."



  Les 14:03 08 Feb 04

Thanks for the info - I have made a bid of EBay so - fingers crossed.

Vog: Still working on the tennis job! It's getting massive - improvements, improvements. What gets up my nose about Excel 97 is the size the files blow up to! I've had to start again several times literally copying the data and repasting in another book. This may be me or the program - I think the latter for I have noticed when installing on my neighbours computer, he has 2000 - the files are actually smaller when used and then saved when data has been entered. Though, at my age, this may be imagination or just plain bad memory! :-))


  Les 14:06 08 Feb 04

Excel 2000! that is - not computers! :-)))

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