Excel 07 - Linking tables on seperate worksheets

  shaunb84 17:23 16 Feb 08


I have multiple worksheets with the same table on each (I then filter each table differently). How do i link the tables so that values added to one sheet will automatically be added to the other tables on separate sheets. All in the same workbook.


  Picklefactory 20:23 16 Feb 08

Are you just making copies of a table on one sheet and duplicating it on other sheets to filter differently? If so, for example, your main data is on Sheet 1, and first cell containing data is cell A1, simply click in the corresponding cell on copy table (eg SHEET 2 cell A1), type = then navigate to Sheet 1 and click on cell A1, that will create a link from A1 on Sheet 2, to A1 on Sheet 1, and whatever is in Sheet1 A1 will be entered in Sheet 2 A1. You can drag that down your columns in Sheet 2 to link further cells.
Seems too easy, have I understood your request properly?

  shaunb84 21:45 16 Feb 08

Your first sentence is spot on.
I managed to get as far as you have said, but it seems if I add a new row to the table on sheet 1 that is not copied to the table on sheet 2. Also, the table on sheet 2 needs the filter to be re-applied each time for changed values to appear.
Is there no way to set a whole table as "Master" and then the other tables will mimic its values?

Cheers for the help

  VoG II 22:04 16 Feb 08

In A1 of Sheet2 enter


and copy this formula along and down as far as you think you'll need. Don't go mad and try to copy it to entire rows or columns or Excel will probably crash.

  shaunb84 22:27 16 Feb 08

cheers mate, works a charm

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