EVGA 8800gt and black screen

  sleepy01 07:36 16 May 08

hi, just finished putting new PC together, installed windows and a few other bits, no issues.
Started installing the drivers for EVGA 8800gt from the disc and its gone to a black screen.
Reset PC and tried again but same problem, im running XP home as my OS, DXdiag doesnt recognise and card attached. All cables are attached (6 pin from PSU).
Is is something to do with the BIOS?, im using a Asus 750i SLI board but have one card.
Im about to try downloading some drivers of web to try those but would really appreciate some help on this, thx

  sleepy01 07:58 16 May 08

I should probably add im using 550w corsair PSU and a Samsung Syncmaster 940n monitor 19" not widescreen.

  rickd 08:59 16 May 08

By "no issues", do you mean the card was working OK, now isn't after you added the drivers, or were you running off the mobo, then it stopped when you installed the card?
Have you checked the card fans are running?
Download the latest nvidia drivers and install those first (before the card), if you've not already done that.

  sleepy01 09:17 16 May 08

Thx for reply rickd, yeah i just downloaded latest drivers from EVGA , copied them onto new PC and installed, screen went to black again but when i re-booted they kicked in and all seems well, progarams recognise the card.

Thankfully not a big issue :)

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