Evesham with Faulty Monitor

  legalrep 17:20 08 Jun 06

I have an Evesham system which is less than a year old, I have had a problem with the monitor shutting down whilst I'm using it and not being able to re awake it. I have contacted Evesham and they have now told me to phone viewsonic direct as they think the monitor is faulty, as I purchased the system from them shouldn't they sort it out?

  spuds 17:45 08 Jun 06

Your contract is with Evesham, and as you state, its for them to sort the problem out. But having said that, it is usually the case with monitors, that the manufacturer is the better route to take. The manufacturer may supply a 'swap-out', in which case they will send you another monitor. One thing to consider with a swap-out on a nearly twelve month unit, is the replacement will most likely be a refurbished, but fully guaranteed unit, not brand new.

Make sure that you have confirmation that Evesham have instructed you to contact the manufacturer. Failure to do this may limit your claims later on.

On a point of interest, how long is the monitor's warranty- One or Three years?.

  legalrep 18:00 08 Jun 06

Hi spuds thanks for the swift reply, to be honest I'm not sure how long the warrantry is, I've just had a quick look through all the manuals and I can't find any info, I think I will e-mail viewsonic and copy them in on the e-mail from Evesham.

  oldbeefer2 10:52 09 Jun 06

My Evesham contract states that all faulty peripherals are to be returned to manufacturer - Evesham only deal with the PC

  FatboySlim71 11:21 09 Jun 06

May sound stupid but have you went into your control panel, appearances and themes, display, screensaver, at the bottom of the windows you will see monitor power, click on the power tab and see if it is set to turn the monitor off after a very short time. Sorry I have just noticed that you said that you cannot re awaken the monitor.

  legalrep 11:40 09 Jun 06

Thanks Fatboy slim but the power light on the screen stays green but the monitor shuts down if I swith on and off the screen will come back for a few seconds before blanking out again. If I shut the computer down and restart things are fine for any where between an hour to 3 days, but then it all starts again!

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