Everything's Running Slow

  sammael 20:39 15 Oct 05

The problem starts when Windows boots up, first the XP title screen stays on for ages after that things seem to run pretty smoothly until I either boot up a web browser and cycle down the screen, it goes very slowly and a sort of line runs up the screen (both firefox and ie do this)additionally any video I attempt to watch on any player (quick, real, microsoft etc) has the same problem as the browser - I'm stumped.

  Fullywired 20:43 15 Oct 05

try taking some stuff out of the start up, that causes alot of problems, also emptying your cookies, Temperary internet files and recently opened documents will probably help, try a disk cleanup too!



  sammael 20:45 15 Oct 05

There's only 1 thing in startup, and I tried a clean install to solve the problem so this is the only site I've visited since I re-installed everything.

  Fullywired 20:48 15 Oct 05

what have you installed since the new install of windows? did you completely reformat the hard drive?



  sammael 20:51 15 Oct 05

Yes, I reformated the hardrive then installed winXP Pro, Tiscali Broadband software, Mozilla Firefox & Thunderbird, QuickTime and Trillian.

  sammael 20:52 15 Oct 05

Oh, and the new driver for the Sagem 800/890 modem as well as the ones for my sound card.

  Fullywired 20:53 15 Oct 05

well if theres nothing on it then there could be a memory leak somewhere! make sure graphics drivers are installed



  Fullywired 20:57 15 Oct 05

and make sure they are the latest version from nVidia or ATI


  PC Bilbo 22:10 15 Oct 05

I don't see any mention of a firewall, antivirus or spyware programmes in the list of software you reinstalled before going back on line.I am not familiar with Trillian.

Is it possible you are not protected?

If not going on the internet particularly with broadband will let all sorts of nasties in and you will run slower.

Hope I'm wrong!

  Fullywired 22:31 15 Oct 05

install AVG free, that will get rid of anything nasty, also, is windows firewall enabled, this could be an issue!



  keef66 13:38 17 Oct 05

when I had to reformat / reinstall I had to load the motherboard chipset drivers early in the procedure (VIA chipset on MSI mobo). Could this be your problem??

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