everything opens slow

  raggy 2 13:13 20 Jan 06

Hi guys
I have a pentium 4 2gh processor 200gb H/drive and 756 ram yet when I click on any of my short cuts on the desk top it takes ages before anything happens - like when I click on wanadoo to log onto the net it takes ages- it never use to be like this it seems like its got worse over the last 3-4 weeks. Any ideas would be welcome.
Oh yes even the first programm I try to start does this so I dont have other things running.

  mattyc_92 14:13 20 Jan 06

Of the 200gigs capicity, how much is free? This can slow a system down

Also, when was the last time you "defraged" your system?

  mattyc_92 14:15 20 Jan 06

ps.... use "Diskeeper Lite" for defragging your system. It is a free tool and is better than Windows own defrag tool

click here for free download of Diskeeper.

  raggy 2 14:19 20 Jan 06

only done defrag last week and using diskeeper lite. the 200g is split into 40 (11g free) c/drive and 160(120 free) d/drive.

  mattyc_92 14:23 20 Jan 06

Your c: drive has only 11gigs free from 40gigs.

If you resize your other drive (say by about 7gigs) and add that space onto your c: drive, your system's performance should inprove.

Remember, when you are resizing partitions, please backup your data before hand incase it goes pear-shaped

  raggy 2 16:26 20 Jan 06

I dont know how to resize a drive, is it hard to do?? and what is involved

  mattyc_92 16:32 20 Jan 06

You will need a program such as "Partition Magic" (click here)

You then just simply close all programs (MSN Messenger, Outlook, Word, etc...) and open Partition Magic. Just simply follow the on-screen instructions and click "Apply" this will reset your system and the partitions will be changed....

Hope that helps...

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