Everything is Big!!!

  peter4076 16:13 15 May 05

My computer this morning working perfectly well, had to go out for a few hours (left computer running as normal)came back logged onto internet and all pages seemed to be enlarged as if in safe mode but not quite that big, checked properties found that screen resulution was still 1024x768 and running at 32 bit colour, spent a good half hour trying to work out what had happened, so gave up and took the cowards way out and done system restore from earlier time (8am today) and everything now is as it should be. As anybody got any thoughts on this matter.
A couple of points I might add, I was not connected to internet whilst away, or do I have anything on automatic download, if I remember rightly this happened last year, and ended up doing the same as this. Hope somebody can help, so that I can printout for reference.
Running WinXP with all updates.
All help gratefully received

  octal 16:37 15 May 05

Are you on broadband? If you are, you're are still connected to the Internet even if just the desktop is on. If you run a net monitor you'll see all the traffic in the background.

There could be something in the background connecting without you knowing. It might be something legitimately accessing the net or could be something malicious, make sure your AV is up to date and run it, also run your anti Trojan/Spyware programs to make sure you are clear.

  woodchip 16:43 15 May 05

It may be the Monitor

  woodchip 16:44 15 May 05

It may be the Monitor. Or a bug in the Graphics card Driver. Download new Drivers and load

  peter4076 17:15 15 May 05

Cheers octal........Checked and done,Woodchip graphics card 3 weeks old, never the less will visit Nvidia and check, will run everest first to get an exact info on 128mb card.

  Dizzy Bob 17:49 15 May 05

There is a feature in XP called accessibility wizard, used to configure the desktop for those users with impaired vision.

Start/all programmes/accessories/accessibility/accessibility wizard

You (or another user) havent run this, possibly by mistake?

Just a thought

Dizzy Bob

  peter4076 20:21 15 May 05

Dizzy Bob
My resulution is 1024x768 on a 15inch TFT so I do like my font to be quite small, so this glitch was more than likely 800x600 which is more native to a 15inch monitor, but for 3 yrs have been running at 1024x768, I only upgraded my video card to DVi ready for when I purchase either a 19" or 20" TFT.
Nobody in the house today for anybody to mess with puta.

  woodchip 21:03 15 May 05

Now you say TFT. I think that most are fixt to two different Resolutions. Beyond that gives weird results

  woodchip 21:04 15 May 05

Now you say TFT. I think that most are fixt to two different Resolutions. Beyond that gives weird results.

Even Fixed

  Joe R 22:04 15 May 05

Don't know if this worked for this guy.

click here

  peter4076 23:07 15 May 05

Many thanks for all your input, will print this out, and if it happens again, I will have some reference point to work on.
Will Tick

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