DjSprinks 15:01 01 May 08

Hi again,this time i have problums with another pc-an old old spare (wait 4 it,dont laugh-A compak deskpro!)i just brought it round my m8s house to activate the windows as i currently dont have the internet at home at the mo.conected it fired it up and after the black xp screen it went to a blue screen saying file system nfst and that it wanted to check the H Disk for consistency so i let it run the check and it scrolled loads things like deleting various ophen files and indexs? then it restarted now it gets to just before the welcome screen then restarts and the HDD takes a few seconds to spin up again when restarted.so if any one has a clue whats going on with it feel free to post! Thanks.
P.S. feel free to veiw my other topic "Home Built PC Problums" Thanks.

  tullie 15:09 01 May 08

Dont recognise your name,why dont you just re install windows instead of messing about,seing as youve put nothing on it you want yet,by the way DJ,its "problems" lol

  DjSprinks 15:25 01 May 08

hi tullie thanks 4 the post.look further down the list or may be page two. thats the prob tho ive got loads of music pics and docs alot of which was transfered from another disk which is now 'no-more'none of which is backed up(my bad!)and i left it till last min to activate it.and yes i know im a sloppy tiper and cant spel when i ruch Lol.

  tullie 15:31 01 May 08

Its no problem DJ,hope someone can help.

  spex75 15:39 01 May 08

Sounds like a possible goosed HDD

  spex75 15:40 01 May 08

Assuming H drive is your system drive?!?!

Also - check if you have a USB Flashdrive in - seen a few machines that do CHKDSK on Flashdrives

  DjSprinks 15:55 01 May 08

hi spex,wat do u mean a goosed HD?

h drive as in hard drive its drive /c tho.

no flashdrive pluged in. Thanks.

  DjSprinks 15:56 01 May 08


  DjSprinks 16:39 01 May 08


  Ditch999 17:07 01 May 08

Can you get it going in Safe Mode by tapping F8 when you switch it on?

  muscic lover 17:42 01 May 08

Try F8 key when booting up. Allows you to go to 'safe mode' and jopefully fault find from there.
Also if the whole thing seems dead in the water - try a reinstall of XP as you have nothing to lose yet??!!

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