Eurotel cordless phone manual

  kimtrnc 14:37 17 Nov 10

Spent some time trying to find user manual for this product. Best I could find was one which only an ant could read. anyone got a copy, please?

  kimtrnc 15:37 17 Nov 10

Yes, thankyou, but it prints at almost zero size! Model no is Eurotel e1100 twin. I would like it to print page by page, so that my poor old eyes could read it. At present you can only print at a resolution of around 2

  gengiscant 15:52 17 Nov 10

Every road seems to lead to the user manual scanned pages.

  kimtrnc 15:56 17 Nov 10

Yes, that's what I found - and none of them are readable!

  johnnyrocker 16:07 17 Nov 10

might it not be better to ask binatone?


  gengiscant 16:13 17 Nov 10

Couldn't find the phone on the Binatone site.

  johnnyrocker 16:41 17 Nov 10

0845 345 9677 binatone number 9-5 most days


  kimtrnc 16:49 17 Nov 10

Thankyou johnnyrocker - I have just asked Binatone and they are sending a manual out to me. I didn't even know that Eurotel was Binatone!!

  johnnyrocker 16:52 17 Nov 10

glad to have been of help


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