Eurostar puzzle

  1911 01:18 08 Mar 06

I have win xp, with ZoneAlarm Firewall and Microsoft Antispyware. I tried to book a journey on Eurostar to Paris. After putting in all the details ,I got as far as "Search" and got an empty screen. After trying all sorts I went to a neighbors PC and got booked up right away. I have no trouble getting on any other site and booking Plane/Ship/train etc. Just Eurostar. Any ideas?

  Gongoozler 07:54 08 Mar 06

Are you using Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox or another browser? Have you compared the security settings on the two machines?

  1911 08:07 08 Mar 06

i'm using Internet Explorer 6 and I checkd all the settings and actualy switched fire wall and anti virus off completly. The other machine has exactly the same , Zone alarm and Microsoft Antivirus. I have used the Eurostar site before, no problem. And it's the only one this happens on.

  Graham ® 08:20 08 Mar 06

Which Eurostar site?

  1911 08:47 08 Mar 06

click here I have a registerd account

  Graham ® 09:03 08 Mar 06

I don't suppose it's a Cookie issue?

  1911 09:34 08 Mar 06

No its not cookies. How far did you go on the site? I think it is something on my PC. I am realy foxed.

  Graham ® 09:39 08 Mar 06

I could see the trains today, times and prices.

  1911 09:46 08 Mar 06

I could understand if it didnt work at all or if the PC crashed. But I'm still on the site its just the page has nothing on it. It says "DONE" at the bottom, and I can go back etc. well thanks a lot for taking an intrest. I will click the Resolved even though we havent managed. Thanks again all. John

  Gongoozler 10:08 08 Mar 06

Have you checked for Add-ons (Tools-Manage Add-ons). It may be that the site assumes that you have an add-on such as Java.

  1911 19:58 08 Mar 06

hi I seem to have all add on's Java etc.

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