Ethernet connection problems

  waynum 29 Dec 10

Acer Aspire 5532 Windows 7 laptop

When I first switch on in the morning I usually have no Internet connection until I restart a few times, normally two restarts are required, sometimes one.
The modem shows ready and has previously been replaced with a new modem in case the fault had been with the old one.
When I have no Internet connection I have checked the network adapter settings and note that there is no LAN connection showing. Once I do have Internet connection I once again check the network adapter settings and a LAN connection is showing.
I have updated the Atheros driver yet when I do I am informed the newest driver is already installed.
I do not know how to solve this problem, I have carried out Factory Restores yet still the same issue is in effect after I have. Once I have Internet connection there are no problems at all.

  Jollyjohn 29 Dec 10

What Modem are you using and do you have the drivers installed for it?

  waynum 29 Dec 10

The modem is one supplied by Virgin and there were no drivers to install for it.
I think if it were a driver issue I'd still not have any Internet connection after doing a restart.

  mgmcc 30 Dec 10

It sounds as if either the ethernet adapter is faulty or, if isn't an integral part of the motherboard, it isn't seated firmly into its slot.

  waynum 30 Dec 10

Thanks, this seems more likely.
The machine is under warranty and can be returned for repair but before doing this it seemed wiser to do a bit of fishing in case I might have overlooked a possibility.

  Jollyjohn 30 Dec 10

Does the modem have a usb socket - if so disconnect the ethernet and connect a usb cable instead. If all works first time it confirms it is the ethernet adapter as suggested by mgmcc

  waynum 30 Dec 10

No, unfortunately my modem has no USB socket I can use to confirm the ethernet adapter suspicion.
I seem resigned to have to return it to Acer that they can repair the problem as I suspect if I don't I'll end up wishing I had sooner or later.


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