Ethernet Connection for NTL Broadband

  BigAl127 16:46 23 Jun 03

I have a Motorola Surfboard Cable modem on NTL broadband, which currently connects via the USB port. My new computer already has a 10/100Mbps ethernet socket/connection fitted. Is it just a case of getting the correct cable to enable me to change from USB to Ethernet, and if so, which cable do I require?

Thanx in advance.

  PSF 17:16 23 Jun 03

When you received the modem from NTL you should have received two cables as well.

One USB and one CAT 5 cable, if you do not have the cable you can buy on but make sure it is NOT a crossover cat 5 cable.

  keith-236785 17:22 23 Jun 03

there should have been both cables in the box in which the modem came, i have the Ambit 100 cable modem from NTL, and am using it on USB, i have connected through Ethernet as well and didnt notice any speed difference, so if thats why you are changing connection my advice is to save yourself the bother.

have a look in the box, you may already have the cable. if not it is just a patch cable.

  BigAl127 18:05 23 Jun 03

Thanx PSF & Paperman27. I had the modem over 12 months ago, and probably have got the cable somewhere. Guess it's time to go a hunting.

Paperman27. I was led to believe that Ethernet used less memory/system resources, so was a better option than USB.

If I find/purchase the cable, is it just a straight cable changeover, or will my connection need re-configuring or will Win XP take care of everything ?

  keith-236785 18:25 23 Jun 03

You will have to start all over again with installing NTL cable modem and connection.

  A15 19:27 23 Jun 03

I have completed the change over recently for a friend. He obtained an ethernet card so I disconnected his USB & installed the ethernet card. You do not need to complete the whole install routine again. Here is what I did:

1) Install ethernet card (make sure you use the correct drivers, not just the one's the OS picks).
2) Power down computer & modem.
3) Disconnect USB & connect ethernet.
4) Make sure cable modem is switched off for at least one minute, then power up modem only.
5) Wait for all lights on modem to settle down & operate as normal, should take one to two mins.
6) Start up computer & open explorer.
7) You should now have the NTL computer provisioning page, enter details as asked.
8) On the following screen select your connection (as you registered it) then select delete.
9) Once this is done & confirmed you will be informed you have no registered connections.
10) Click add & register your current connection, giving it a unique name.
11) Once your new connection has been confirmed, shut down explorer & restart computer.

Your connection should now work fine through ethernet. I have done this three/four times for different people & never had a problem yet. The computer provisioning page can be a little slow, giving the impression it is not responding but don't worry too much about that. I have completed the same process with both cable modem & set top box. If your explorer does not log you into the provisioning page automatically after changing your connection, then ring NTL & ask them for the direct IP address.

  jazzypop 19:27 23 Jun 03

Disconnect the USB cable from the PC and modem, connect the Cat5 Ethernet cable, re-run the NTL setup CD. Takes about 2 minutes.

Every PC that I have done this to has seen an improvement - probably due to the lower resource requirements of Ethernet compared to USB.

  BigAl127 19:33 23 Jun 03

Thanx to everyone for their help. I found the cat5 cable hiding in a drawer and managed the changeover without any probs. Once again many thanx to all

  accord 20:50 23 Jun 03

for your reference

the NTL modems work better through Ethernet than USB, plus it frees up a USB port

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