Ethernet connected but no internet

  Mattb0x 01:36 21 Feb 16

My Ethernet is connected and says it has internet access but nothing works on the internet. When I go on network adapter settings it says that the ethernet is not plugged in even though the computer clearly knows its plugged in as it says it has internet access. I've uninstalled and reinstalled drives and restarted my comp after waiting for a while and plugged and unplugged everything I possibly can. I've also done the ipconfig release and renew fixes that I saw online but absolutely nothing works. Does anyone has more solutions?

  Govan1x 09:46 21 Feb 16

have you tried connecting by ethernet cable and not Wireless. And does it work that way.

Or does it not connect to ethernet or wireless..

  difarn 11:18 21 Feb 16

Have you disconnected wifi access? Control Panel - Network and Internet - Networking and Sharing centre - on the left select "change adapter settings" and disable wifi.

  Govan1x 11:26 21 Feb 16

Ignore my last post I obviously did not read the problem correctly.

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