Ethernet cabling

  amonra 24 Apr 11

I have been trying to help a friend get broadband at his home but he so is far from the exchange the router is just about coping, it loses its lock quite easily and takes ages to re-establish. BT engineers cant (wont?) help. His neigbour has a constant signal and says it works OK. Now my question is, how far can we go with connecting HIS router to my friend's computer with a long ethernet cable ? What's the maximum distance that one can go on ethernet cabling ? As another extreme solution, has anyone had experience of ethernet to optical fibre cabling ? The things we do for friends !!!!

  woodchip 24 Apr 11

If he is on Wireless change the channel in the Wireless settings of the router, till you get it to stay connected

  Proclaimer 24 Apr 11

the maximum length for a CAT5 cable segment is 100 meters (328 feet). If longer runs are required, then an active repeater, or a switch, will be required to keep the date at max speed, that is on 100 Mbit/s networks.

  lotvic 25 Apr 11

Perhaps your friends router is faulty, Has a different router and all the other bits & pieces been tried?

  amonra 25 Apr 11

Thank you proclaimer, that's the response I was looking for. Thanks also to the rest of you for taking the trouble to reply. I'll tick this as resolved.


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