eTec PTI-845 NAT, firewall, port forwarding

  NattyFido 19:46 04 Jul 06

I have a eTec PTI-845 DSL modem/router and I'm connected to Wanadoo/Orange Broadband. I have been through all the options in the modem and have set up port forwarding on all the ports I need to play my favourite games, even though most of them worked okay without port forwarding. I would like to host games, which is why I set up port forwarding. I still cannot host games, and I cannot play CFS 1 online at all. Someone on GameSpy said I should set up IP Passthrough as well, but I cannot find any mention of it in the modems options. Is it possible that it could be called something else. I don't really want to use DMZ. The manual that came with the modem only gives basic info to get connected, and the CD manual doesn't mention IP passthrough. I believe I have a static IP, but how do I check, restart the modem? The games I want to play and host are:
Toca Race Driver 2 - can play, can't host
CFS 1 - can't play or host
Jedi Knight 2 and Jedi Academy - can play, can't host
Please can someone give me some advice?
Thank you.

  NattyFido 02:04 12 Jul 06

But it still doesn't work for CFS1 and Jedi Knight.
I have managed to host games on ToCA 2, I had missed one of the ports that GameSpy needs.
Does anyone know what ports CFS 1 needs and also Jedi Knight?
I have disabled DMZ again because this is my main PC and I don't want to leave it open to attack.
I am sure that I have a static IP, as it hasn't changed, even when I turned the modem/router off for five minutes.

  NattyFido 19:33 20 Jul 06


  ade.h 20:02 20 Jul 06

I think that it's safe to say that none of us know the answer.

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