eset smart

hi, i have been using this for a week, it's from the guys who make nod 32, it's their security package, ie firewall and anti spyware. it's very light and unlike nod32 very straight forward and user friendly. it's a beta and you may choose not to trust a beta to look after your security, it's being released very soon and is free to try while in beta, it works fine for here

  Totally-braindead 17:35 14 Oct 07

To explain something for the newer members of the Forum a BETA program is something that hasn't been released as a full retail program yet, IE its still being tested and may have bugs. So to be honest only experienced computer users should really even consider using BETA programs.

No offence meant adman 2 just thought it worth explaining for the newer members( just in case).

cheers tb, i should have explained that better.

  Totally-braindead 17:41 14 Oct 07

Its worth mentioning adman 2 in my opinion NOD32 is one of the 2 best anti virus programs out there. I'm happy enough with my AVG free but if I was going to buy an allinone package the Eset one would be on my shortlist.

actually it's rc1 which is usually the last step before release.

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