Eset Flags up Warning

  buteman 24 Nov 11

Eset Internet Security came up with a warning box.

Detected Covert channel Exploit in ICMP Packet. Remote Ip Address

When I open Eset nothing has been quarantines or anything like that it does not even mention it.

Would it be most likely the Eset Firewall stopping a program from entering.Or could it be more sinister.

  gengiscant 24 Nov 11
  gengiscant 24 Nov 11
  buteman 24 Nov 11

gengiscant I googled for that and there was nothing for me to look at.

Obviously I must have worded it wrong.

I will have a good look through that.Thanks

  gengiscant 24 Nov 11

It happened to me when I first Googled, but I tend to find that as fewer words as possible gets better results? In this case it was *Exploit in ICMP Packet. * that better results came up.

  buteman 24 Nov 11

One more question if you can help.I can stop it from running again.But what is the possibility that it is something needed.

If I stop it and find out that I need it I take it it is just a matter of enabling it again.

Firewalls I could never understand them and how to use them properly.

  buteman 25 Nov 11

Hi I found out it is just when I open my Poker Stars program that I get those warnings from Eset.

So going to ignore them I think. Whatever Eset is stopping does not prevent Poker Stars from working.

Any thoughts on this before I close the thread.

  gengiscant 25 Nov 11

Reading through the links I posted I think you can safely ignore these warnings from Eset on this occasion.

  buteman 25 Nov 11


Ok I was thinking that myself.Thanks for all of your help.


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