ESD wrist strap

  iqs 20:58 09 Oct 09


Have any of the forum members used or seen these new ESD wrist straps that do not connect to the PC chassis,but use the Corona principle to remove the static from your body ?.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:26 09 Oct 09

I have never used a wrist srap...ever. 'Load of baloney' springs to mind.


  Stuartli 22:58 09 Oct 09

If I'm messing around inside my computer case, I first earth myself by touching the case chassis.

  Graham. 00:18 10 Oct 09

Exactly. It's not about earthing, just make sure you are at the same potential.

  octal 03:35 10 Oct 09

I'm like a walking Van de Graaff Generator, I'm terrible, but I've never had a problem with ESD. I just make sure I earth myself first by touching the chassis. Most modern day electronics a pretty well buffered, not like years ago with the unbuffered devices, not only that, there are pull up or down resistors in the devices that will drain off static one they are mounted on the PCB.

  iqs 10:22 10 Oct 09

I also earth myself by touching the chassis,then use the strap so the components and myself are at the same potential .

The idea of being wireless appealed to me, because many many times I have forgotten to disconnect the ESD bracelet from the wire and walked off almost taking the PC with me.

Think I stick to the old fashioned way.

Thanks for the help

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