eSata drive with motherbord setup

  MikeyWizz 15:14 29 Oct 07

Hey Guys,

The Graphics card on my main computer has gone down so I need to connect its hard drive to my secondary PC.

Can any help me setup a 250gb Western Digital eSata HD with a ASRock K7VT4A Pro rev 1.02 Motherbord.

Any assistance would be great


  MikeyWizz 16:46 29 Oct 07


  I am Spartacus 16:53 29 Oct 07

If it's not a permanent connection then this might do it click here

If it is then you can use a caddy click here

  MikeyWizz 17:18 29 Oct 07

cheers Spartacus. Im sorry. I didnt word my request correctly.

I already have the wires to connect the hard drive to the secondary computer. My problem is gettin the bios to see the hard drive.

As a result of my efforts so far ive stoped the bios from seeing the IDE hard drives that where connected to my secondary computer in the first place.

im getting into quite a muddle.

  I am Spartacus 18:22 29 Oct 07

Check that you haven't dislodged any cables on either drive and that they are fitted correctly and that SATA is enabled in the BIOS.

  MikeyWizz 18:57 29 Oct 07

done all that dude.

still no joy.

my real problem is now getting the bios to see the IDE hard drive that was there in the first place as this was the drive i boot into windows from.

  I am Spartacus 19:06 29 Oct 07

I would remove the SATA drive and any cables you've used to connect it then re-seat the power and IDE cable on your original drive.

Did you change any BIOS settings?

  MikeyWizz 19:55 29 Oct 07

I didnt change any of the settings.

I just made sure that sata was enabled.

However, I did disconnect the orginal IDE hard drives and restart the machine. Thats when I had my big problem. After re connecting the original IDE hard drives and restarting the machine, the bios could no longer detect them. The POST section of startup is asking me to create a serial ata driver diskette.

  MikeyWizz 20:07 29 Oct 07

further investigation into the bios settings shows me that there is no longer a master or slave IDE dives installed. how do i re-intal my hard drives?

  I am Spartacus 20:07 29 Oct 07

Have you got a link to your motherboard manual online? I can't find one although I believe that ASUStek make these.

I think that there could be a setting in the BIOS that is looking for a SATA rather than an IDE drive. It may have been changed if there's an AUTO setting for hard drive detection.

If there's any settings for SATA disable them for the moment.

Is your IDE drive being correctly identified in the BIOS?

  I am Spartacus 20:10 29 Oct 07

You may have to reset your BIOS either by removing the battery for 30 minutes or so or by setting a jumper temporarily (with the power cable unplugged from the wall). This jumper setting should be in the manual.

However I still would carefully go through the BIOS options first.

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