Errr This might sound stupid but..............

  pickle factory 11:03 21 Feb 06

What exactly is an ethernet card. I'm just looking at building my second pc and was comparing my price to those of a local supplier to see if it's worth my while on DIY. The local supplies his pc with a 10/100 ethernet card. Am I right in thinking that is just for networking to other pc's? The pc will be a stand alone home jobby, and will need broadband, can that be plugged into an ethernet card or would it still need an ADSL modem? Are the two similar?

  SANTOS7 11:06 21 Feb 06
  keef66 11:12 21 Feb 06

However you connect it, broadband requires a modem.
Although originally connected via usb, NTL claimed my BB cable modem is best connected to the pc by ethernet. So I put a network (=ethernet)card into the pc and now I do believe the connection is better.

  pickle factory 11:14 21 Feb 06

Thanks Santos, that confirms my thought that it is required for a network connection, but does a broadband router count as a network? Can it be used to connect a domestic stand alone pc to the intenet? Sorry if I'm being thick.

  pickle factory 11:17 21 Feb 06

Cheers keef, just missed your reply before I reposted. Does the ethernet card double as the broadband modem, or would it need an external modem as well?

  pickle factory 11:19 21 Feb 06

Keef. I've re-read your post and realise you've already answered that last question. Ethernet is just a better option than usb connection to external modem.

  keef66 15:29 21 Feb 06

Yep, you'll need a modem whatever. Your internet service provider should give you an appropriate modem when installing broadband. (at any rate ntl did with mine)

Thinking about your original post, most motherboards these days come with an ethernet port built in. Check the board specs if self building; it's often described as 10/100 or gigabit LAN. You shouldn't need a separate ethernet card

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