error type program - EROTIC shortcut on explorer

  mighty ming 21:08 30 May 04

since going on to a web site the shortcut/link EROTIC has appeared on my Explorer - tools - drop down menu, to my anger, i would like to remove this, does anyone know how?

  Cuddles 21:26 30 May 04

start>search>EROTIC note where the file is and delete, also have a look in add/remove prog's you may find you can remove from there.

  THE TERMINATOR 21:27 30 May 04

You must have installed something by accident try checking add/remove programs and see if there is anything that relates to the link in explorer. These things happen-do you have a firewall and anti-virus software?

  Dan the Confused 21:34 30 May 04

Agree with advice. I came across something similar recently that had been caused by clicking on a link that had installed a trojan downloader. Run a virus scan and also check background running processes for anything suspicious.

  Dan the Confused 22:48 30 May 04

To remove it as a menu item, click START>RUN and type REGEDIT (press enter).

Click EDIT>FIND in the toolbar (or press ctrl-F) and search for EROTIC and delete any reference to it.

(Best to make a registry backup first.)

  woodchip 22:50 30 May 04

Me I would Panic, But try Ad-Aware and Spybot

  woodchip 22:52 30 May 04

Me I would Panic, But try Ad-Aware and Spybot.

Or if you are Windows 98se go to start\shut down to DOS at the prompt type SCANREG /RESTORE choose a date before the message

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