Error Safe

  july 22:43 19 Feb 06

Just had my nice shiny new computer a week from Evesham (as per the mag. recommendations last month) already I have managed to load something nasty I was in Evesham checking out how to sort out some software & up pops up a first aid logo with Error Safe saying it had just found 364 errors on my computer & I could click now & sort it all of course you click & get a form for a credit card bill to complete (no details of the co) well I ignored it - I thought but it kept coming up after that and the next day I found it installed. I took the files out but I had a major error problem. Hopefully the safeguards have wiped it now - but others if you get the message DONT CLICK

  VoG II 22:47 19 Feb 06

I suggest that you post a HJT log click here on the Malware Removal forum click here just to be sure.

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