Error Report

  Cesar 09:37 01 Mar 03

When I get an Error Report I send it, after sending the report I get a warning that there is no association with this file, how do I do this and what program do I associate it with?


  Gongoozler 09:51 01 Mar 03

Cesar, tell us more about what version of Windows you are referring to, what the error report is, what the warning is and what file you are referring to.

  Stalker 09:55 01 Mar 03

Its likely to be Windows XP, easiest thing, is to turn off error reporting, if you didnt have it then you wouldnt worry.


  Cesar 10:42 01 Mar 03

In reply to your message about switching of error report, I am using windows xp home I have used the search facilities but there is nothing on error report, How do I switch it of?
Thank You

  powerless 10:47 01 Mar 03

If you just want to turn it off...

Start > Control Panel > System > Advanced > Error Reporting > "Disable error reporting"...

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