An error occurred while initialising MAPI ?

  Dragon Heart 23:35 18 May 04

Been attempting, for the first time ever, to transfer my e-mail messages from one XP Home machine to another. The first machine gave the message "An error occurred while initialising MAPI" so I tried same on second machine, same message ?

I know that MAPI is short for Messaging Application Programming Interface, it enables different programmes to work together to distribute mail. As long as both applications are MAPI-enabled, they can share mail messages with each other.

AS both machines are running XP home why the problem ?

  Steven135 23:50 18 May 04

I recently transfered all my Office 2003 settings to my new laptop and got a MAPI error which turned out to be caused by a plug in for Hotsync which I used to sync my Clie on my deskop.

Do you have a plugin on one machine that is not on the other?

  Dragon Heart 00:23 19 May 04

No Steven135. No Hotsync type applications on either machine

  Dragon Heart 23:24 25 May 04

I understand you can change the MAPI settings in Outlook Express up to version 5.5 but not 6.0 ......... HELP ?

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