Error Messages popping up

  Mad Mick 18:51 10 Feb 07

I keep getting error messages popping up telling me that internet explorer will have to close. The messages state it is a problem with AppName ieplore and the and the ModName is stated as ntdll.dll. I also get one referring to mshtml.dll. I am running Windows XP2 Home and all updates are up to date.
Any help will be appreciated. I will log on later tonight as I have some family tasks to fulfill first.

  provider 2 19:01 10 Feb 07

Try this:click here

  Mad Mick 21:12 10 Feb 07

Have gone back to IE6 and also done a scan with scannow. All seems well so will close this thread. Thanks for your input provider 2

  provider 2 16:58 11 Feb 07

Thought you might like to know, it could be an add-on problem in IE 7 :click here

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