Error message when trying to open jpeg files from a CD in Microsoft Picture Manager

  Repurr 12:09 PM 13 Feb 12


I am running a Windows Vista Home Premium on an Acer Aspire T671 with MS Office 2007.

I have been trying to open jpeg picture files, from a number of CD's through MS Picutre Manager and keep getting the error message.

"The path you specified is not valis or supported by picture manager. Verify that the location is a valid windows sharepoint services library, that the folder exists and that the path is correct and then try again."

I have opended the picture files on this PC before without a problem.

Can anyone suggest how I can solve this problem?

Thanks for your help


  bremner 12:57 PM 13 Feb 12

To rule out a defective CD can you try it on another PC.

  Repurr 13:53 PM 13 Feb 12

All CD's working on my laptop and files can be opened in picture manager.

  bremner 16:23 PM 13 Feb 12

This has been reported previously as a problem that occurs after an upgrade from IE7 to IE8, if you have recently done this then I suggest upgrading to IE9 and see if the problem is fixed.

  Repurr 16:39 PM 13 Feb 12

Thanks, I am running Firefox 9.01.

  bremner 16:46 PM 13 Feb 12

That may be so, but what version of Internet Explorer do you have on the machine

  Bris 16:51 PM 13 Feb 12

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